Fábrica vidrio entorno Masnou. Barcelona.

Senior management at RAMÓN CLEMENTE establishes the priority objective of achieving products and services with high quality rates, which will exceed the expectations of its current and future clients, always promoting continuous improvement, assuring compliance with current legislation in force and protecting the environment at all times.

The task of company management is to communicate, foster and require each and every one of its employees and stakeholders—both within and outside the organisation—to be fully aware of quality and the environment, strengthening and supporting all activities that let the services and products we provide to our clients be improved, managing risks and opportunities and preventing environmental pollution.

All activities conducted at RAMÓN CLEMENTE are aimed at maximising product quality while upholding a sustainable use of resources. To this end, a strategy has been designed that combines human resources with the technical means available to us, in four core areas:


  • Fulfilment of defined specifications and requirements
  • The highest product quality manufactured at competitive prices
  • Control of the raw materials, products and services that are procured externally
  • Quality control in all processes and stages, verifying that they comply with acceptance criteria via suitable tracking and measurement resources


  • Suitable operational planning and control in all areas and processes
  • Meeting the delivery timeline agreed upon with clients
  • Implementation of production under controlled conditions, maintaining the infrastructure and setting that is suitable for each operation


  • Training, motivation and awareness raising of all employees to assure continuous improvement
  • Optimisation of the human resources available and their knowledge management
  • Improvement of the company image in the surrounding region and its scope of action
  • Strengthening of competitiveness at all levels of the organisation
  • Determination of risks and opportunities in order to increase desired effects and reduce unwanted outcomes


  • Identify and evaluate the environmental issues that are present in all processes, introducing the improvements needed, in order to efficiently protect all people, facilities and work settings, while preventing pollution and minimising any possible consequences
  • Develop and strictly apply best environmental practices throughout the company
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the commitments taken on with clients and other stakeholders