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The third generation of a glassmaker family

I am the third generation of a glassmaker family. We are located in Barcelona and have been crafting our products since 1931.

We have grown and expanded, always true to our values: experience, flexibility, creativity & commitment.

We are proud of being a medium sized industry and a family company, although able to compete in the most demanding markets and supplying hundreds of clients around Europe, the Middle East, USA and other markets.

Thanks to our customers’ confidence and loyalty, the best-known brands around the world have trusted the experience, quality and service of Ramon Clemente SA as a glassmaker, including for lacquer and decoration technologies for glass. We are proud of shaping thousands of perfumes worldwide.

Since 2010 the perfume sector has changed, and we have too. 2016 ended as our best production year, as well as our best year for sales and profits. 2017 has been even better so far. This is the result of working with our same commitment as always, with more flexibility, renewed creativity and even higher quality. Knowing the needs and changes in perfume consumer behaviour. Our priority, our customers; that makes us different.

More R&D, more investments, expansion into new markets, sectors and clients. These are the pillars of our organization and ‘Smart Data Plan’. Better products and the best factory for our clients.

Our total commitment to protect the environement. That’s a part of us. We want to be leaders for everything related to glass, in terms of: recycling, sustainability and health.
Vicenç Pedret
CEO Ramon Clemente Glass